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5 Great Reasons to Switch From Excel to Risk Wizard

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Easily upgrade to Risk Wizard software

Excel is without a doubt one of the most useful tools for business, mostly because it’s just so versatile but also because it’s widely known and used. It isn’t without its flaws, however, and some programs can do specific tasks just so much better.

Consider for a moment that in its current state, Excel likely wouldn’t be widely adopted if it were released as a new tool today. It’s not the most contemporary piece of software, but nevertheless it remains popular simply because it’s been so ingrained in most of us for decades.

Risk Wizard is your go-to software for risk management, compliance, and incidents. Below are five great reasons to make the switch from Excel (or whatever you are currently using, for that matter) to Risk Wizard:

1. Notifications and Incident Alerts

Although it’s possible to set up macros in Excel, a little bit of basic programming skills will be required to create notifications and to write the macros in the first place. It’s also time-consuming when you should be spending every working hour creating value and getting things done productively.

That’s why Risk Wizard is built so that quick email notifications can be sent out to the right people at the right time. Emails can be tailored to be sent out as, for example, incident alerts to safety supervisors or task reminders to key personnel for overdue tasks.

2. Big Picture and Details - All in One

Meetings with key management personnel should be kept clean and concise, which can be accomplished in Excel by turning tables into graphs then exporting into PowerPoint, for example. That’s time-consuming, so there’s got to be a better way with risk management in mind.

Risk Wizard can quickly create relevant graphs from detailed datasets that are ready for the boardroom as-is.

3. Professional Software for Risk Management

Optics matter, which is why, for example accountants use QuickBooks or MYOB in Australia rather than Excel to prepare quarterly statements. Using a tailored professional software for risk management demonstrates to key stakeholders that your business takes risk management seriously.

4. Flexible for Your Business Needs

Risk Wizard can be fine-tuned to provide your organisation with the systems that it uses on a daily basis, making it a bespoke solution that needs the specific needs of your business.

Need a quick report on KPIs or metrics that higher-ups want to see? That can be auto-generated at the click of a button. Need to create your own reports? Risk Wizard can do that too.

5. Trim the Fat, Keep the Meat & Potatoes

One of the great things about Excel is that it’s got a heck of a lot of functionality. If you work in risk compliance, however, much of this is probably useless to you and only clutters the already-cluttered interface. Functions that are useful for engineers or data scientists, for instance, will probably never see use. You need a program that’s designed for risk management and compliance.

Risk Wizard was designed to have an easy, user-friendly UI that’s quick to load up, easy to navigate, and secure. Implementation only takes a couple of days instead of months and learning the software is straightforward thanks to its user-friendly design.

Risk Wizard

Risk management teams and personnel have much to gain from making the switch to Risk Wizard. Give it a go today and experience cutting-edge risk management, compliance, and incidence reporting software.

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