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5 steps to stay focussed and nail your business goals

Even the most successful business owners and managers can experience times when they lack motivation or drive. Here's a few tips on how to move forward with a clear vision while keeping your eye on the prize.

Get crystal clear on your ‘WHY’.

Renowned author Simon Sinek has written a number of best-selling books exploring the theme of finding your ‘Why’ in business with practical ways to discover purpose for you and your team. He encourages his readers to ask tough questions and prioritise fulfillment. It’s a lot easier to take steps towards your business goals when you and your team are invested in your ‘WHY’.

Reverse engineer your goals.

It might seem more logical to start at the beginning – but considering what your goal will look and feel like once you’ve achieved it can be a smart move. Start by setting a realistic date for achievement, and then on a timeline – plot milestones, working your way backwards to the present. This exercise can provide fantastic insights and help you to create a map for success.

Break your milestones down into steps.

Looking at the milestones you want to achieve can appear overwhelming. It can feel hard to know where to start. One of the best ways to remove pressure is to take time to break each milestone down into steps and create a task list. Start with broad strokes and list the actionable projects that will move you towards achieving your goals. A great tool for creating an action plan can be to do a ‘mind map’ for each project. There are amazing online tools like ‘Monday’ and ‘Miro’ to help turn your ideas into reality.

Do a SWOT analysis on your goals.

By taking a clear-sighted view of your goals and analysing the related strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, you can refine your strategic plan and minimise the impact of any speed bumps and road blocks along the way.

Have a backup plan.

By expecting the unexpected, smart business owners are prepared for emergencies and have a contingency plan lined up. It’s not always easy to predict potential issues or problems, but by investing some time into preparation and protection you’ll inspire more confidence and sleep better at night.

How can Risk Wizard software help?

Take your SWOT analysis to the next level by storing the output within Risk Wizard so it becomes a valuable, dynamic resource that will grow with the business. For example, foreseeable events, such as opportunities/threats can be updated and monitored in real-time allowing decision-makers to quickly tackle the situation and withdraw/deploy resources as appropriate. Known weaknesses can be easily highlighted in the system and improvement action plans tracked over time. Strengths are viewed as strategic pillars and items that might undermine them easily monitored on an ongoing basis.

Also, Risk Wizard is a great tool for showing 'what might happen' as well as how the business might deal with the foreseeable event. Event impacts can be quickly and easily documented along with recommended plans for preventative or remedial action.

Finally, at the heart of achieving any goal is good communication - Risk Wizard achieves this by enabling clear accountability and responsibility to be easily defined and communicated through simple email workflow. Email notifications alert and remind recipients of what has happened, what needs to be done, by whom and by when. Escalation rules ensure that people up the chain are notified when actions are not being worked per agreed schedules.

To see how Risk Wizard can help you to focus on your business goals, simply sign up for a free trial. We'll provide a quick online demo so you can get the most from the software trial.

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