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Implementing New Risk Management Software

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If only onboarding all colleagues in your organisation with new software were a matter of installing it and letting the pieces fall where they may. There are plenty of challenges with systems implementation - just as your IT department - which can make or break the success of any new system or software. Consider the following before procuring risk management software in your organisation:

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Many of your colleagues may be averse to learning new software, particularly if they’ve invested years into using a package that just works, wrinkles and all. In some cases, the difference between the old and new can be stark, such as switching from Windows to macOS, but in others, it can be rather straightforward such as switching from Microsoft Excel to Google Sheets, for example.

Anyone who has had to promote a newer, better software package has to convince all stakeholders that the software is better-tailored to the needs of your organisation as they will be resistant to change.

Also, consider that your choice of risk management software will only be as effective as the human capital invested in using it to its full potential. This is a key factor that should be considered before investing in new risk management software.

Points to Consider

In order to get everyone on board, you’ll need to pitch the idea to directors and stakeholders that will be using the risk management software. Be sure to plan properly and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the risk management software meet the needs of my organisation?

  • Is it easy to use (i.e. clean user interface)?

  • Does it permit real-time event tracking?

  • Does it cover qualitative and quantitative risks?

  • Does it allow you to identify the root causes of risks?

  • Is real-time risk notification embedded and easy to implement?

  • Can reports be customised and prepared easily?

  • How does it enhance organisational compliance?

  • Is it securely cloud-based or will you need to store sensitive data on local servers?

  • Is a free trial available to try out before putting a single dollar down?

The Right Solutions for Modern Risk Management Professionals

If you’re looking for great, cloud-based risk management software that ticks all of the above boxes and has a clean UI mixed with all of the functionality for advanced users, look no further than Risk Wizard.

We provide free software trials, so if you aren’t satisfied with the product (and we’re confident you will be satisfied), no worries and no need to pay. Onboarding with Risk Wizard takes hours or days to set up rather than weeks which is common with many other competitor software for risk management.

What makes Risk Wizard your best choice for risk management, in addition to all of the above benefits, is that you can easily transfer data from your existing systems onto Risk Wizard. This cuts down on setup time and makes it easier for colleagues to get on board.

Risk Wizard

Get in touch with Risk Wizard today if you’d like to leave us an enquiry regarding our product. Take advantage of our free demo to see if it’s right for your organisation.


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