Finally, risk management software that's

easy to use

A simple and affordable tool to report risk, compliance

and incidents.

simple . streamlined . secure

What customers are saying

"Its simplicity has allowed Save the Children Australia to better capture, monitor and manage its strategic and operational risks."

Stuart Adam

Head of Risk

Outgrown Excel?

Avoid 'death by spreadsheet' - Step up to a purpose-built risk management system that's easy to use, reliable and secure.

Why Risk Wizard?

Reassures stakeholders

Shows robust approach to risk management reassuring boards, owners and auditors.

Engages employees

Encourages staff to engage in risk management by providing a user friendly reporting tool.

User friendly

Simple way to manage risk registers, compliance activities, incidents, quickly and securely.

Easily tailored

Easy to flex over time to suit different risk management frameworks and organisations.

Affordable pricing

Sensible prices means any business can afford our risk management reporting toolkit.

Delivers savings

Save time, effort and free up resources compared to Excel and older, inflexible systems.

Free Trial
Risk management made easy

Our risk management software comprises three main products - Risk and Compliance plus Incident Management.  Users can buy our software products individually, as a pair or package.  Together they automatically work as one integrated risk management system.

The software is user friendly because Risk Wizard’s system users help to refine our tools for risk management - this is a great management solution for business as the software is always being updated for changing risks and business needs.

20 years in the risk software business

Over the past 20 years, with valuable input from Risk Wizard system users, our team has successfully developed software management solutions for risk management systems.


Because of this, boards, management, and staff who are system users recognise our software as one of the best risk management tools available.

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