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Contact us about risk management software and other information

Got a question about our software, becoming a partner or a general enquiry?  Email us and we'll get back to you shortly.

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Outsource your tasks to our team

Outsource everyday Risk Wizard tasks to our online experts 'Your Virtual Team'.  Get us to run reports, organise data, check security and much more.

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Join our partner program

Offer your clients
a better risk management solution
with Risk Wizard software while

earning generous commission.


Partners can refer, demonstrate, implement, support the software and run a managed service for clients.

Get help online

Click the Help ? icon at top right of the Risk Wizard application and search.

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If you still have questions, contact our support team.

Get an online demo

Allow us to walk you through Risk Wizard online so you can appreciate the simplicity and friendliness of our risk management tool.

It takes 30 minutes to pick up the basics so after the demo you can progress to a software trial using your own risk management data.

Risk Wizard HQ

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