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Outsourcing risk management software tasks saves time and effort

Increased workloads, time pressures and lack of resources are major barriers to operating Risk Wizard software as desired.  Delegating a range of regular and ad hoc tasks to Risk Wizard's online team ('Your Virtual Team') can overcome these barriers and improve data management processes and reporting.  'Your Virtual Team' service packages are tailored to suit and can be ad hoc or regular monthly services.

'Your Virtual Team' saves time
and frees up resources

Risk Wizard's online team of experts 

help reduce workloads, saves time

and effort while improving the risk management process.

Outsource risk management system tasks to your 'Virtual Team' today.  

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Time pressured or short-staffed?Outsource tasks to Risk Wizard 

Free up valuable time by having us carry out ad hoc or routine Risk Wizard software jobs.


We help with risk reporting, data organisaton, knowledge transfer, business improvement and much more.

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Get started today with flexible monthly arrangements

With no 'lock-in contracts', you can

benefit from a flexible service.

Experience the outcomes of our services on a month-to-month basis.

Enjoy discounted rates when services last six months or more.

Trusted online services provided
by experienced staff 

Only Risk Wizard permanent staff with proven experience can provide 'Your Virtual Team' online services.

Dedicated team members ensure you receive the highest level of service continuity from people you can trust.

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'Your Virtual Team' benefits 

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improved quality, reliability and timeliness of information

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internal resources can be allocated more important tasks

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process efficiencies gained through better use of software

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guaranteed continuity of information management service

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external team independent of internal operations/priorities

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momentum of risk management process is maintained

Discover the range of risk management system services we can help free up

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Dedicated personnel

Direct email/phone

Priority response



Archiving & cleansing

Updating & migrating

Sanity & health checks

Framework settings

Security privileges

User management


Training &

Activity (completed/planned)

Quality (gaps/exceptions)

Trends (actual/forecast)

Audience based webinars

Custom e-learning packs

Tailored software guides


Custom built reports

Period/audience reports

Tailored dashboards 


Email templates

Escalation rules

Notification schedules

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'Your Virtual Team' features

11 dots in three rows on rectangle representing month calendar

Tailored monthly

plans to suit

dollar coin symbol above pig shaped money bank

Discounted plans available

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Wide range of services offered

three figures of people with arms raised

Trusted, friendly domain experts

donut shaped life saver belt

Dedicated, online support personnel

locked padlock inside white cloud symbol

Secure, private information service

white cloud with arrow moving into empty cloud icon

Ongoing software knowledge transfer

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Information reporting efficiencies

white check mark above hand held upwards icon

Business process 'sounding board'


Contact 'Your Virtual Team'

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