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Risk management software that's simple, affordable and integrated

Our risk software, compliance software and incident software tools when bundled together form one totally integrated risk management system.  They can also be bought individually or as a pair.  

Venn diagram model with risk management system in centre and intersected by risk, compliance and incident parts.

Say goodbye to old Excel risk registers and hello to new risk management tools

Tablet showing Excel logo with arrow pointing to Risk Wizard logo

Outgrown Excel to manage risk?

If your risk management information is becoming harder to manage in spreadsheets, let us help you step up to a flexible risk management system that's easy to use, reliable and secure.


The moment you upgrade to Risk Wizard excess time and effort spent previously on Excel is immediately freed up.

Experience a risk management tool that's
so easy to use and price conscious


Learn how to drive it in 30 minutes

User friendly screens with simple menus, quick navigation and familiar functionality make Risk Wizard an easy working application for both occasional and regular users.  Our affordable pricing enhances customers' value for money proposition.    

Book a demo today to see how easy it is working and reporting your risk management data and obtain an estimate of the software cost.

Flex our risk management system to suit
your business reporting framework

Wrench icon between capital letters A and Z

Labels and terms

Manage data field names, system terminology and other user preferences.


Criteria and forms

Tailor input forms and get your risk management criteria to guide users. 


Dashboard widgets

Design dashboards and create graphical widgets to represent your data.

fingerprint icon

Brand identification

Brand software screens and reports with logos or corporate messaging. 


Report templates

Create new report designs or edit existing templates to communicate results.  


Workflow rules

Configure email alerts and reminders with escalation processes to suit. 

Enterprise-wide logging is free and easy with our risk management software portals

Risk portal


Compliance portal


Incident portal

exclamation-mark-inside triangle-inside-circle-icon.png

Encourage participation in the risk process by allowing anyone to log a risk or potential threat via the risk portal for free.

Schedule and allocate compliance tasks to anyone and automatically invite them to respond via the compliance portal for free.

Create unique input forms for each incident type and enable anyone to log items via the  incident portal for free.

Look for these key deliverables in your next risk management system

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All data under one roof

Bring different pieces of risk management information together under one roof.  Connect the dots between risk registers, compliance schedules and incident logs.

envelope icon with two arrowheads icon.png

Everyone kept informed

Notify the right information to the right people at the right time. Automatically send incident alerts, overdue reminders or risk manager notices.


Executives reassured

Reassure boards, auditors and regulators with a robust approach to risk management.  Show past incidents, current compliance activities and future risk events.

Magnifying-glass-beside-arrow icon

Real-time visibility

Obtain an instant view of governance activities ensuring no unexpected surprises and increased awareness of any issues well before they happen.

spanner-between-letters-A-and-Z icon

Quick implementation

Quick to setup and requiring no additional hardware, implementation takes less than a week, significantly reducing overall cost burden.

three-figures-with-arms-raised icon

Enterprise participation

Get all staff actively involved in managing risk, compliance, and incidents while benefiting from multiple sources of feedback and intelligence. 

Learn how our risk management solution delivers savings and improvements 

Each of our risk management products is a business improvement tool that saves time, effort, resources and offers a great value for money solution.  Discover below how each software solution improves the risk, compliance and incident management process.

Laptop showing charts and graphs of risk data

software solution

Capture, prioritise and report business, strategic, operational or enterprise risks to improve planning and forecasting processes.

software solution

Streamline compliance activities and schedule business obligations to improve regulatory commitments and mandatory practices.  

software solution

Log, track and monitor hazards, near misses, accidents.  Investigate trends and implement actions to improve workplace safety. 

What makes our risk management software different from other vendors in Australia 

Arrowhead with long tail surrounding clockface at 3pm

Quicker to implement

Our risk management software is quick and easy to setup and learn so you're ready to start in a matter of days.

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Superior reporting

Craft dashboards and reports to suit executives, management or staff using our user friendly cloud report designer tool.

check mark inside ridged circle icon

Easier to administer

At any time refine our risk management tool without recourse to Risk Wizard.  Changes are quicker and easier to make.

Wrench icon between capital letters A and Z

Greater flexibility

Flex the risk management system to mirror your data structures, terminology, reporting formats, access security and much more.

Fist with thumb up icon

Simpler to use

User friendly screens with clean menus, intuitive features and navigation make it simpler even for the occasional user.  


Fairer pricing

Our risk management tools are priced so any organisation can afford them and obtain great value for money. 

Experience our risk management software

The only way to decide if our risk management software is the best choice for your business is to experience it yourself.  We'd be delighted to to show you the software online so you can see it in action.  After this you can visit our demo site and take Risk Wizard for a test drive.

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