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3 Critical Factors Every Incident Management Software Must Have

A great boon for business owners and entrepreneurs around the world has been the rapid development of specialised Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The barriers to entry have perhaps never been lower, costs have been driven down, and functionality such as cloud storage, interoperability across web-accessible devices, and more.

All of these are helpful, but they present a new problem: a massive amount of choice, with some software being lacklustre and other, better software packages having their voices drowned out amidst the competition.

Risk management professionals and anyone engaged in the day-to-day risk and incident management within an organisation should always have access to robust software such as Risk Wizard. When choosing amongst various packages, consider the following three critical factors:

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1. Customisable Forms & Reporting Functionality

Everything (just about) has gone digital, and so too should your incident report forms. Any good modern incident management software must have a means of creating, filling out, and submitting incident report forms just the way you want them.

Generic incident forms may work for some businesses, but chances are you’d rather have fully customisable forms tailored to the needs of your business operations and the incident types and categories common within your industry.

Risk Wizard enables users to create custom reports and forms through multiple filters, so you can only show fields relevant to your organisation as well as design reports that more accurately depict what is happening and where it’s happening.

2. Real-Time Alerts and Email Reminders

It’s crucial that organisations have the ability to act and react immediately to areas of concern when it comes to incident management. That’s why you should never settle for less than real-time incident alerts and easy email reminders and summaries for key stakeholders within the organisation.

Furthermore, automatic email triggers for overdue notices on assigned action plans remove much of the manual work that used to take up so much precious time. You can even allow the emails to be sent according to various escalation stages depending on urgency or importance.

Don’t skip a beat and keep everyone involved in the project or organisation updated with accurate, real-time information.

3. Free Incident Log Reporting for All Stakeholders

Last but not least, it is essential that your desired incident management software has the ability to grant access to incident logs quickly, for free, and easily. All stakeholders, from employees to key clients involved in a project or the organisation’s day-to-day business must be able to intuitively log incidents without a hassle.

Risk Wizard allows any permitted stakeholders to log incidents for free, and we also make it quick and easy to do so across a wide range of web-accessible devices (desktop or portable devices, such as mobile phones or tablets).

By making the process quick and easy, it’s far more likely that the incident will be recorded accurately rather than perhaps hours after it has occurred and when the memory of certain events may have faded.

Record hazards, near-misses, or accidents quickly and without undue delay using Risk Wizard incident management software.

Risk Wizard

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