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  • Incident software | RISK WIZARD Software

    Learn why leading businesses use our incident management software Our online incident management solution keeps you well-informed about accidents, near-misses and other hazardous events. Track items as they get logged via our secure incident portal, analyse trends and manage investigations or claims. Whether you've outgrown Excel, looking to replace a tired legacy system or just beginning your journey...look no further than Risk Wizard. Simple, secure and budget conscious Incident system capture forms, terminology, visual dashboards, reports and workflow settings can all be setup right 'out-of-the-box' with minimum effort. ​ Because Risk Wizard is quicker to access, easier to manage with better security, you spend less time and effort than on Excel or outdated legacy systems. Demo Brochure Invite anyone to log incidents for free via our cloud incident management tool Risk Wizard is suitable for logging incidents by individuals, small teams, right through to any staff enterprise-wide. The software is appealing because it helps you start small and will gradually grow with your incident management program. Individual managers can run incident reports for their department by location, importance, incident type and immediately know what's happening and where. Departmental Teams can quickly and easily keep track of their accidents, breaches and complaints as soon as they happen and immediately assign action plans if need be. The entire Enterprise can benefit from a system that everyone can access 24/7 and automatically emails staff and supervisors required alerts and incident summaries. Explore a typical incident system case study Requirement An external audit identified and confirmed the inconsistencies in reporting processes between a network of facilities. The audit recommended that Maroondah City Council should consider implementing an online System for recording the OH&S and Risk incidents council wide. Solution Our incident management solution provided features, functionality and flexibility recommended by the external audit. Our solution also provides a user-friendly layout that enables users to quickly enter incident details directly into a secure cloud based system. Benefit Management and Council executive now have instantaneous notification of any incident. Live reports can be created providing visibility of all incidents across facilities. The improved workflow achieved by only entering data once has also resulted in time management efficiencies. "Simplifying incident workflow processes at the touch of a button" "Instead of a laborious manual process, incidents are now entered via iPads or desktops then relayed automatically to facility management and signed off within agreed timeframes. Daily summary reports emailed by the system are great while customised reports easily identify accident trends." Discover how better incident management reporting could help your business Risk Wizard consistently delivers the right information at the right time to the right people. Its feature-rich reports are clear and simple so that knowledge can be quickly acted upon. The incident reports you need are at your fingertips with Risk Wizard. Always informative. Always reliable. Always on time. Incident reports that identify problem groups or areas With Risk Wizard you can easily focus on the accident record of a particular group or category over a time period. You can quickly obtain accurate reports on accidents and incidents that occured for example, the previous year, month or week. This information provides a solid knowledge platform for you to build upon. ​ "Wouldn't it be great if we could review all the staff accidents or incidents that occurred last financial year?" Incident reports that identify underlying trend factors With Risk Wizard you can record multiple causes for an incident and easily monitor and compare timings. This allows you to quickly correlate a particular contributing factor to a specific time of the day, for example, more accidents might occur later in the day when the floors are dirtier. ​ "Wouldn't it be great if we could track the causes and timing of incidents so that any data correlations become more obvious?" Incident reports that cover precise time periods With Risk Wizard you can easily pinpoint the incidents that happened, were reported or investigated within precise date and time periods across different locations. The system retrieves and reports the information you need within seconds, freeing up your time to understand the situation and initiate further action as required. ​ "Wouldn't it be great if we could review all the incidents that happened between 9:00am and 5:00pm on any given day?" Incident reports that enable activity data comparison With Risk Wizard you can easily compare the underlying incident record items between activities or operations. You can quickly spot differences and trends that enable conclusions to be drawn on the work environment and potential changes that you need to make. ​ "Wouldn't it be great if we could compare the incident type and rate for the same activities even when they are undertaken at different times or locations?" Understand our secure, paperless solution for incident management in under 2 minutes Why you need incident software for business Using spreadsheets is unreliable, insecure and prone to error. Our incident management solution avoids work duplication, minimises potential failure points, maximises legibility and clarity of communication. What incident software does for your business The software holds and reports incident information related to your operations. It highlights incident trends and escalates overdue action plans. Information is shown through dashboards, reports, charts, registers and simple forms. How incident software helps your business Staff and management enjoy much better security and privacy of collected information, much greater visibility and oversight of stakeholder accidents, incidents and near-misses across departments or entire organisation. Get a Demo Find out how improved workflow could help your incident management process Our workflow notification engine automatically alerts the right people when incidents or events happen ensuring situations are immediately managed while preventing further escalation. Its automated emails are clear, simple and quick to act upon. Workflow solution for accidents and incidents Risk Wizard's incident management system is like having your own Personal Assistant. Emails automatically advise employees about their allocated tasks and remind them when to take action so nothing is ignored or forgotten. ​ "Risk Wizard is more than a diary, it's a total task and event workflow solution for accidents and incidents." Simple, streamlined, secure incident workflow Once task details are entered the system takes over. Workflow reminders and alerts are automatically initiated which streamlines task management and ensures completion within designated time frames. ​ "I really value a simple solution that enables employees to manage their incident responsibilities easily and securely." Personalised automatic workflow notifications With Risk Wizard you can easily assign and monitor ongoing tasks, for example, monthly quality check. Reminders are emailed before due dates while overdue task notifications can be automatically escalated to superiors. ​ "Wouldn't it be great to allocate tasks, automatically send 'to do' reminders and be notified about completed or overdue items?" Specific email reminders target each individual task Easily set up hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly task reminders. Having specific reminders for each situation ensures your team is more likely to complete their responsibilities within required time frames. ​ "Receiving automatic task reminders is really valuable. Personalising them for individual tasks is priceless." Look for these core attributes in your next incident management tool Flexible cost model Only the few individuals at the heart of the incident management process need to be licensed to use the software. This allows your whole organisation to log incidents and receive investigatory and remedial actions to undertake, at no additional cost. Automatic notifications When an incident is logged the relevant members of staff can receive an e-mail alert. For example, if a serious injury is logged, the head of health and safety can be alerted. The correct incident management process starts the second the incident is logged. Effective reporting The solution comes with standard reports and a report design tool that enables you to create your own reports. For example, a report can be easily created that show your incidents by incident type, over a given time period, for a particular location or department. Incident data tracking All activity within the system is logged and audited enabling you to create reports showing the ‘life’ of an incident including actions taken to investigate it, who did it and when, plus remedial actions taken. This provides an auditable report for regulators and other stakeholders demonstrating that ‘best practice’ incident process has been followed. Incident data security The data is held in a secure centralised database and ‘permissions’ can be used to restrict access to a particular incident or incidents to an individual or group of people. For example, if very sensitive information is added to an incident record during its life, it can be ‘locked’ at that point so that only the executive team can then see it. Incident data relevance You can set up and maintain ‘questionnaires’ that step the person logging the incident through a series of questions to collect only data relevant to that particular type of incident. A person logging an incident, e.g. losing sensitive data is not faced with fields asking for details of an accident. This makes it much easier and less confusing. It costs nothing to see our simple, flexible incident management system at work Whether you've just started to log incident data, looking to progress from Excel spreadsheets or decided to replace an outdated legacy IT system, we can help you take the next step up to a simple, flexible, secure incident management software tool that's affordable and will save you time, effort and resources. Book a demo today to discover the benefits we can offer you. Get a Demo Check the 'must have' features and benefits of leading incident management solutions Flexibility & scalablity Flexible framework easily amended over time to reflect changes in structure or environment. Suited to any sized group in any industry who need to log incidents 24/7/365. Functionality & price An exhaustive list of rich features comes as standard. Very competitive annual fees includes all costs (licence fees, upgrades, helpdesk) with no surprises. Follows ISO 27035 Based on principles of ISO 27035: Information security incident management means organisations that follow this international standard can trust the underlying software design and methodology. Customisable forms Ability to build unique Incident Form templates so that all required information can be captured quickly and easily. Pictures, maps and diagrams can be used to visually enhance understanding. Automatic workflow Once an incident is recorded the system automatically emails the people responsible ‘in real time’ so they can act immediately. This provides rapid insight into all reportable events across the organisation. Incident trending Tells an organisation at any time its incident history and highlights incident trends so resources can be concentrated where needed most. Visual dashboards and reports convey results quickly and easily. Incident management software 101 Get across the basics Management and key personnel should have rapid insight into reportable events across their business operations. Our Incident software automatically alerts the right people when events happen ensuring that organisations can begin managing the situation immediately while preventing any further escalation. Incidents that can be managed Accidents and near misses Complaints Contract and licence breaches Damage and theft Fraud and loss events Injuries Liability claims and investigations Privacy and security breaches System delays, failures and outages Application to the workplace Our clients setup all of their incident types within the system so that when staff log information they are all using the same organisational framework. Incident alerts are automatically generated and remedial actions or investigations are notified to staff who simply click an email link to access their assigned activities. Incident software outcomes Enables anyone in an organisation to record an incident and have an email automatically alert the manager responsible about what has happened. Allows the organisation to build its own unique incident form templates so that all of its required information can be captured quickly and easily. Pictures, maps and diagrams are used to show where incidents have occurred which visually enhances the organisation's understanding of the situation. Incident software benefits Tells an organisation at any time its incident history and highlights incident trends so resources can be concentrated where they are needed most. Incidents are reported in ‘real time’ to the right people which enables them to be dealt with once they happen. Follows the International Incident Management Standard (ISO27035) and best practice guidelines which means organisations can trust the software design and methodology. Spend only days not weeks on our incident software implementation Implementing Risk Wizard is easy, quick and done in a matter of days. We can upload your existing incident register and help tailor online incident forms to match your paper-based ones. We can help shape your security framework so sensitive incident types are segregated. Our webinar education sessions are a great way to get the message across to anyone needing to log an incident via the cloud portal. Install Install the software in a local, safe, cloud site Setup Setup incident framework, system settings and incident data Train Train staff how to maintain and use the system Take a 30 minute online test drive in our proven incident management solution Learn to drive it after one short session Learn how you can tailor your incident reporting framework, track and monitor your incident trends and automatically manage remedial action plans...amongst a range of other features and benefits. ​ Book an online demo today with one of our experts and see how easy it is to manage and keep safe all of your incidents in the one place at a price that won't blow your budget. Get a Demo

  • Risk Management Software | Australia NZ | Risk Manager Assessment Tool

    Finally, risk management software that's easy to use Get a Demo Brochure Save time, effort and resources with our flexible risk management solution Easy, fast and secure User friendly, quick loading, simple navigation and safe Frees up valuable time Save time on spreadsheets or legacy system workarounds Improves the process Robust and systematic approach delivers process efficiencies More Features Outgrown Excel? Our risk management tool avoids 'death by spreadsheet' Compare Excel to risk register software that's quick, easy to use, flexible and hosted locally within a secure cloud environment. Discover how our risk management software solutions can improve your business operations Allow 30 minutes to see how you can improve your risk management processes, data security, risk reporting and much more... Get a Demo Over 20 years developing top risk management software tools With an exceptional reputation in the industry, boards, management and staff who use our software call it one of the best risk assessment tools available. simple . streamlined . secure Trusted risk manager software for any type of business "In addition to being very affordable, we have found the system to be very intuitive, user friendly, and easy to learn. We are very satisfied with Risk Wizard and highly recommend them." Julie Groves Director, Risk Services Wake Forest University Customers Discover the superior benefits proven risk software has to offer Reassures stakeholders Shows robust approach to risk management reassuring boards, owners and auditors. Engages employees Encourages staff to adopt risk management by providing a user friendly reporting tool. Ongoing support Email, phone, webinar plus access online Help directory and software upgrades. User friendly Simple way to manage risk registers, compliance activities, incidents, quickly and securely. Easily tailored Easy to flex over time to suit different risk management frameworks and organisations. Flexible reporting Choose from 'ready-to-run' dashboard widgets, report designs plus build your own. Affordable pricing Sensible prices means any business can afford our risk management reporting toolkit. Delivers savings Save time, effort and free up resources compared to Excel and older, inflexible systems. Quick to setup Easy system configuration means you are up and running in days or weeks not months. Setup an integrated risk management system with | Risk | Compliance | Incident | software Risk Wizard has three complementary risk management products to suit your business. Our risk assessment software , compliance monitoring software and incident management software tools can be bought individually, paired or packaged together as one integrated risk management system. Take an online tour of Risk Wizard with one of our team and learn which software products suit your risk management environment. Book a demo today. Get a Demo Discover how your business could use our risk management software tools Risk assessment software tool Management can assess risks in real time from their home office, workplace or on the move with our trusted risk manager software. Users capture risks via our simple web forms and assess risks using a consequence and likelihood matrix which generates a risk assessment rating. Risk ratings can be analysed in the risk register, via risk reports or risk dashboards and filtered according to business department or risk owner. Compliance monitoring software tool Risk Wizard is a complete compliance management software platform. The system constantly monitors what users are doing in real time which reassures management that the risk of compliance breaches is minimal. Management can automatically schedule compliance activities, for example, users can be reminded about workplace health safety inspections, quality management checks or risk reviews. Incident management software tool Risk Wizard is a real time incident management solution for tracking workplace accidents, health safety hazards or near misses as they happen. Management can automatically receive real time alerts the moment users log them in the system. Management can assign remedial actions and conduct investigations within the system which helps to reduce the risk of similar incidents recurring in future. Look for these core features in a user friendly risk management application Tailored reporting Create dashboards and reports to suit executives, management or staff. Data security Protect data with access controls, roles and permissions. Flexible framework Create multi-dimensional frameworks to suit your business. Email workflow Send and receive automatic email alerts and reminders. Exporting data Download data in a range of 'ready to use' formats. Search engine Choose from a range of data fiilters and search preferences. File mangagement Upload data files and attach links to stored documents. Linking records Create meaningful links between records to aid understanding. Custom terminology Customise terminology to fit with organisational standards. Data libraries Create unlimited libraries to manage your knowledge database. Audit log Keep track of all changes made to a record over time. Online help Reinforce knowledge, find answers and keep up to date. Why step up from Excel risk registers to risk management software? Segregated data keeps sensitive data private It's difficult to segregate data in Excel so users only see some not all data within worksheets. Risk Wizard segregates data so users only see their data. Sensitive data can be user restricted . Automatic workflow not emailed worksheets Emailing Excel sheets with ‘to do’ lists' is time consuming to follow up and delivers mixed results. Risk Wizard has automatic alerts, reminders and escalation notices with oversight reporting that makes activity tracking easy. Top data security not locked spreadsheets Shared spreadsheets are difficult to keep secure, particularly on laptops or home office PCs. Risk Wizard is reliably hosted on Amazon Web Services where data security is proven and paramount. Multiple risk registers to one risk system Departmental risk registers in Excel need to be consolidated for reporting which takes time. Our centralised system maintains data privacy between departments with consolidated reports quickly generated. Multiple user styles instead of one in Excel Spreadsheets are limited to one access style whether it is a risk manager or an infrequent user. Risk Wizard’s user experience is configurable so a risk manager can have a different touch point than staff with different day jobs. Upgrade from Excel to tailored reporting suite Excel risk reports are limited and error prone. Spreadsheet ‘expert’ is usually needed for reporting. Risk Wizard has a simple report design tool and suite of report templates. Customers can tailor formats for different audiences. Consistent risk criteria and risk terminology Different dept. risk registers means variable risk definitions and inconsistent risk scoring. Risk Wizard's single agreed source of definitions and scoring scheme allows for better organisational comparison. From static risk list to dynamic risk process Risk lists created in Excel are rarely re-visited leading to a static, poor risk process. Our dynamic features provide users with on-demand reports interactive registers, dashboards and automatic work-flow. Drill down dashboards not just Excel charts Interactive Excel experiences need many linked sheets which is time consuming and difficult. Risk Wizard’s configurable dashboards are rich and allow drill-down from ‘bird’s eye’ view to detailed records. Easily flex our risk management system to suit different sized business and industries EDUCATION Universities, colleges, schools and other educational institutions face similar student and campus issues. Our risk manager software has online risk assessments and incident logging portals for staff/students plus executive dashboards for Committee. GOVERNMENT Federal, state, local and other government bodies use our risk software to monitor and report on departmental risks and internal compliance issues while tracking any workplace hazards or real time incidents out in the field. NOT FOR PROFIT Charities, NGOs and other non profit groups use our risk management tools to keep simple risk registers and track reportable incidents. This evidence of good corporate governance helps with charitable status and grants. FINANCE Insurers, wealth managers and other financiers face similar issues like privacy breaches and regulatory non compliance. Our risk management tool helps finance groups monitor reportable events, process failures, quality and risk issues. UTILITIES Utility providers use our risk control software to navigate market rules, regulatory frameworks, risk and safety environments. Rule breaches, control failures, accidents at work are recorded, tracked and reported via our online cloud portal. HEALTH General medical, aged care and other healthcare providers use our risk management system to log client site and patient hazards, reportable health dept. incidents, compliance breaches and to forecast potential operational and strategic risk events. Put some pizzazz into your risk reporting with our creative report design tool Customers can create and edit reports in the cloud using our integrated report designer tool. Modify templates from our extensive library or build your own from scratch. Design and run reports in real time Reports are designed and run in real time in the cloud and can be exported to a range of formats or previewed in the web browser. ​ Book a demo today and see how easy it is to work with our pre-built report templates so management and executives get the risk management information they need. Get a Demo Feel safe with us hosting your risk management database locally and securely Risk Wizard uses cloud technology provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its software hosting service. We operate a comprehensive database storage, backup, archiving and retrieval process with data replication across three sites within the same region. Information is held at local security-sensitive data centres with world class network architecture, data encryption, monitoring tools, stringent security training, policies and procedures. We constantly monitor the Cloud environment to ensure infrastructure and software are working properly and up to date so users can access risk management data securely from anywhere with an Internet connection. Risk management data is kept in Australia Data belonging to Australian and New Zealand customers is stored in Sydney. Multiple data centres are used to offer maximum resiliency. Hosted sites are accessible 24/7 Customers enjoy an average Monthly Uptime Percentage of at least 99.9% meaning access to risk management data is practically 24/7. Global security standard certification Customers trust that AWS is certified to global security standards including ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC (System and Organization Controls). Show a robust approach to risk management because our software follows ISO 31000 Our risk software is based on the international Standard for risk management ISO 31000 . This means a standard risk management process can be applied simply, quickly and securely with user friendly web forms, clever features, dashboards, reports and workflow notifications. Risk identification Identify basic risk information e.g. name, description, categories, owners, objectives impacted, sources of risk etc. Apply security permissions to the risk and attach supporting documents. Risk analysis Assess causes, impacts, existing controls and estimate consequence and likelihood. Add explanatory notes about online risk assessments or estimates. Link risk to controls. Risk evaluation Evaluate risk rating against risk criteria. Consider risk tolerance and decide whether the risk needs treatment. Update the risk status and note reasons to treat risk or not. Risk treatment Document treatment strategy/plan and implement action plans. Modify controls, update risk treatment status, revise estimates for consequence/likelihood. Link risk to actions and controls. Monitoring and review Monitor and review risks, controls and action plans. Note review outcomes and update records. Link action reviews to risks and controls. Monitor change logs for unusual activity. Communication and consultation Share PDF reports and online dashboards to communicate and consult with stakeholders e.g. Committees. Export data into Excel where more in-depth anlysis is required. Enterprise risk management software that grows with your business Risk Wizard is a scalable risk software solution for businesses that start small and gradually grow participation in the risk management process over time. Users can scale up from an individual to a team or even to an unlimited user licence where an enterprise risk management (ERM) program is successfully deployed. You can trust risk management software that's developed, hosted and supported in Australia Local setup, training and support Our Melbourne team establishes customer sites, helps implement customers' risk management systems and provides support via email, phone and webinar. Because our software and Helpdesk teams are Australian based, it means customers benefit from timely local responses and resolution of technical and user queries. Built in Melbourne, hosted in Sydney Risk Wizard's software development team is based in Melbourne and use secure Microsoft Azure cloud based virtual servers also based in Melbourne. Risk management databases for Australian and New Zealand customers are hosted within Sydney data centres on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. See our risk management tool in action The only way to decide if our risk management software is the best choice for your business is to experience it yourself. We'd be delighted to show you the software online so you can see it in action. After this you can visit our demo site and take Risk Wizard for a test drive. SEND

  • Risk management software | Integrated system | Risk Wizard

    Risk management software that's simple, affordable and integrated Our risk software, compliance software and incident software tools when bundled together form one totally integrated risk management system. They can also be bought individually or as a pair. Risk Compliance Incident Say goodbye to old Excel risk registers and hello to new risk management tools Outgrown Excel to manage risk? If your risk management information is becoming harder to manage in spreadsheets, let us help you step up to a flexible risk management system that's easy to use, reliable and secure. The moment you upgrade to Risk Wizard excess time and effort spent previously on Excel is immediately freed up. Experience a risk management tool that's so easy to use and price conscious Learn how to drive it in 30 minutes User friendly screens with simple menus, quick navigation and familiar functionality make Risk Wizard an easy working application for both occasional and regular users. Our affordable pricing enhances customers' value for money proposition. ​ Book a demo today to see how easy it is working and reporting your risk management data and obtain an estimate of the software cost. Get a Demo Flex our risk management system to suit your business reporting framework Labels and terms Manage data field names, system terminology and other user preferences. Criteria and forms Tailor input forms and get your risk management criteria to guide users. Dashboard widgets Design dashboards and create graphical widgets to represent your data. Brand identification Brand software screens and reports with logos or corporate messaging. Report templates Create new report designs or edit existing templates to communicate results. Workflow rules Configure email alerts and reminders with escalation processes to suit. Enterprise-wide logging is free and easy with our risk management software portals Risk portal Compliance portal Incident portal Encourage participation in the risk process by allowing anyone to log a risk or potential threat via the risk portal for free. Schedule and allocate compliance tasks to anyone and automatically invite them to respond via the compliance portal for free. Create unique input forms for each incident type and enable anyone to log items via the incident portal for free. Look for these key deliverables in your next risk management system All data under one roof Bring different pieces of risk management information together under one roof. Connect the dots between risk registers, compliance schedules and incident logs. Everyone kept informed Notify the right information to the right people at the right time. Automatically send incident alerts, overdue reminders or risk manager notices. Executives reassured Reassure boards, auditors and regulators with a robust approach to risk management. Show past incidents, current compliance activities and future risk events. Real-time visibility Obtain an instant view of governance activities ensuring no unexpected surprises and increased awareness of any issues well before they happen. Quick implementation Quick to setup and requiring no additional hardware, implementation takes less than a week, significantly reducing overall cost burden. Enterprise participation Get all staff actively involved in managing risk, compliance, and incidents while benefiting from multiple sources of feedback and intelligence. Learn how our risk management solution delivers savings and improvements Each of our risk management products is a business improvement tool that saves time, effort, resources and offers a great value for money solution. Discover below how each software solution improves the risk, compliance and incident management process. Risk software solution Capture, prioritise and report business, strategic, operational or enterprise risks to improve planning and forecasting processes. Discover Compliance software solution Streamline compliance activities and schedule business obligations to improve regulatory commitments and mandatory practices. Discover Incident software solution Log, track and monitor hazards, near misses, accidents. Investigate trends and implement actions to improve workplace safety. Discover What makes our risk management software different from other vendors in Australia Quicker to implement Our risk management software is quick and easy to setup and learn so you're ready to start in a matter of days. Superior reporting Craft dashboards and reports to suit executives, management or staff using our user friendly cloud report designer tool. Easier to administer At any time refine our risk management tool without recourse to Risk Wizard. Changes are quicker and easier to make. Greater flexibility Flex the risk management system to mirror your data structures, terminology, reporting formats, access security and much more. Simpler to use User friendly screens with clean menus, intuitive features and navigation make it simpler even for the occasional user. Fairer pricing Our risk management tools are priced so any organisation can afford them and obtain great value for money. Experience our risk management software The only way to decide if our risk management software is the best choice for your business is to experience it yourself. We'd be delighted to to show you the software online so you can see it in action. After this you can visit our demo site and take Risk Wizard for a test drive. SEND

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  • SIX MUST Have Risk Management Software Features

    So, you’re looking for risk management software for your business? The good news is that these days, there are so many to choose from, many of which offer excellent features at superb price points with risk management professionals in mind. The bad news is that a lot of them are sorely lacking in some critical features. Before deciding on a risk management software solution for your organisation, make sure they have all of the below features: 1 Risk Assessment Capabilities If your risk management software doesn’t have risk assessment capabilities, is it really a risk management software? This is the bread and butter of risk management software and it is absolutely essential. Jokes aside, perhaps one of the most well-known and popular ways of assessing risk is with Microsoft Excel, which itself doesn’t have risk assessment capabilities! We’ve written blogs previously on why you should ‘de-Excel’ your organisation and use committed risk management software, so please feel free to browse our previous posts. 2 Intuitive Dashboard A clean, intuitive dashboard is extremely important for day-to-day use of your risk management software. This doesn’t mean that it needs to be barebones and lacking in vital functionality, however. There’s a reason why businesses spend significant portions of their product development budget in UI/UX testing. The software, no matter how great it may be, simply won’t catch on if the user experience is confusing or overly complex, for example. Risk Wizard has a simple, straightforward dashboard to provide users with all of the core features at the click of a button. 3 Real-Time Notifications & Alerts No risk management software can truly call itself a risk management solution if it doesn’t come with real-time notifications and alerting capabilities. In that case, you may as well just use Microsoft Excel! Spreadsheets and risk registers are great, but can you quickly send notifications to key stakeholders? Can this process even be automated? If you can answer yes to one or ideally both of these questions, you’ve got a great candidate for risk reporting in your organisation. 4 Robust Risk Reporting Does your desired risk management software have the ability to record and define various key risk indicators (KRIs)? The risk management programme needs to be appropriately defined and recorded for internal reporting with key stakeholders in your organisation. Create clean, organised, and detailed reports that meet the needs of your organisation with robust risk management software such as Risk Wizard. 5 Compliance Management All risk management processes within your organisation are done with the health, safety and wellbeing of individuals within your organisation in mind, but they must also be compliant with regulatory bodies in your jurisdiction. Does your preferred risk management software come with compliance management functionality? It definitely should! 6 Fully Auditable Processes Following on the previous point, transparency and accountability are key for many processes within your organisation - risk management is certainly one such area where accountability is necessary. Your desired risk management software solution must be auditable. Not only is this important towards remaining compliant with regulatory bodies, but it’s also needed in the event of internal audits as well. External audits will also be facilitated with risk management software that is fully auditable. Risk Wizard For all of the above features, look no further than Risk Wizard.

  • Excel versus Risk Wizard: PROs and CONs

    Excel is a wonderful software application that’s been around since the dawn of the internet age. One of the biggest benefits of Excel is that it’s well-established and well-understood by its millions and millions of daily users, as well as being extremely versatile as a spreadsheet software solution. Accountants, engineers, floral boutique owners, and project managers may have little in common, but the frequent use of Excel to aid in business operations is quite common amongst all of these diverse fields. Is Excel the King of Data Analysis? Yes and no. Its ubiquitousness and its relative ease of use (at least, at the surface level) make it king in popularity. It’s sort of a jack of all trades, master of none. Data scientists and mathematicians, for example, tend to use more robust data software better catered to their needs. Likewise, risk management professionals can get by with Excel as they have for decades, but it doesn’t make Excel the best software, it just makes it amongst the most common ways of tabulating and visualising data pertaining to risk management. PROs and CONs of Microsoft Excel for Risk Management PROs Well understood by most professionals; Flexible and easy to adapt to risk management tasks; CONs Lack of real-time reporting, instant messaging and notifications to key stakeholders; Lack of robust scheduling capabilities; A proactive, not reactive solution that is in demand by risk management professionals; Lacks specific toolsets ideal for risk management. There is a Better Way There’s nothing inherently wrong with Excel, but for risk management professionals who have outgrown Excel, the good news is that purpose-built risk management systems have taken off. Risk Wizard is one of the most robust risk management software solutions built and designed with risk management professionals front and centre. PROs and CONs of Risk Wizard PROs Easy to use, secure, and reliable; Reassures stakeholders, including board members, auditors, and owners; User-friendly thanks to its intuitive UI; Affordable pricing, making it suitable for all businesses big and small; User reporting tool engages employees and stakeholders; Bespoke and can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your organisation; Save time, money, and effort with Risk Wizard’s streamlined yet robust UI. CONs Not as well known as Excel; Lacks the big marketing budget of Microsoft; Not ideal for non-risk management professionals (e.g. accountants, shopkeepers, etc.). Excel vs Risk Wizard: Which is Best for Risk Management Professionals? It should be clear that for risk management professionals, Risk Wizard is a clear winner in many regards. If you’ve outgrown Excel and require a more robust, tailored software solution to assist with real-time reporting, notifications, and customisable risk profiles within your organisation or industry, you’ll be pleased with what Risk Wizard has to offer. But don’t just take our word for it. Get started today with a demo of Risk Wizard to see if it’s appropriate for adoption within your organisation. Don’t worry about reinventing the wheel and importing all of your data manually from Excel, either. We make it quick and easy to transfer existing data to the Risk Wizard software so that you can get right back to doing what you do best. Risk Wizard Give Risk Wizard a go today and experience high-quality, user-friendly risk management software built with risk management career professionals in mind.

  • 5 Reasons Why Data Security Matters More Than Ever

    Only a few short decades ago, data security mostly meant shredding paper documents and locking sensitive documents in locked storage cabinets. Today, the vast quantity of data being stored by businesses and individuals alike on hard drives and digital media is far more than perhaps most of us could have ever anticipated. Data security is a major industry due to the massive risks that are possible. Companies specialising in risk assessment, IT asset disposition (ITAD), and cybersecurity continue to grow consequently. Below are a few major reasons why data security has perhaps never been more important than now: 1. Data Breaches are Commonplace Every year, thousands of Australian businesses suffer the consequences of data breaches. Governments and institutions are no different in this regard, with foreign countries suspected of being behind two major cyberattacks in the winter of 2020 on the Australian Government and Australian National University. 2. Data Privacy Regulations are Evolving The European Union introduced the General Data Protection Regulation in 2018 with implications for any business operating in the EU as well as those handling data on EU citizens. This means that Australian businesses can be fined under the GDPR, even if the owner’s never set foot in the EU. Similarly, Australia has passed the Privacy Amendment in 2018 and many other countries have followed suit with data privacy laws and regulations. 3. Data Breaches are Very Expensive Data breaches can be financially crippling to any organisation and costly to the reputation and trust between the organisation and customers. IBM revealed that the average cost of a data breach in 2020 was about $3.86 million USD (about $5 million AUD). The cost of a single data breach alone can put many corporations out of business, or at the least lead to significant shareholder distrust and tumbling stock prices. It’s evident that data breaches are a risk to avoid with good data security practices and policies in your workplace than to have to deal with. 4. The Importance of Proper Data Disposal Tossing old hard drives into the refuse without thoroughly wiping them and/or having them professionally destroyed by an ITAD company exposes a potential gold mine of sensitive data to thieves, so it stands to reason that your organisation should have secure data disposal practices in place. Not to mention the concern over a growing e-waste crisis worldwide, so finding more sustainable methods of data disposal helps your organisation remain compliant and sustainable. 5. Outdated Risk Management Practices As with many professions, risk management has evolved to meet the challenges of today’s business world and all the complexities and challenges posed by data security. Those that fail to understand the importance of data security can potentially put their entire organisation at risk, so outdated practices need to be brought up to speed. Professional risk management software such as Risk Wizard are a must-have for serious risk management experts that want the full functionality and flexibility needed for today’s fast-paced world. Risk Wizard Use Risk Wizard and experience the benefits of our simple, affordable risk management software for yourself and for the added peace of mind it brings to your organisation. To see how it works, simply sign up for an online demo of the software so you can see it in action before you try out the software in a free, private, and secure cloud environment.

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